Sunākste wool house

Wool top

  • Multicolor wool top

100% wool top, perfect for felting ( both needle and wet) and other handicrafts. We offer multicolor and single color wool tops.

Amount: packed in blister 50g ( ~12 m), custom order any amount (100g, 1kg, etc)

Price: 20 EUR/kg

Wool felt, natural white

Natural white sheep wool felt made by wet felting. The size is 90 x 130 x 0,8 cm. Perfect for filling blankets, especially baby blankets since wool is hipoallergic.

These felt sheets can be used in arts and different handicrafts.

Price: 14 EUR


Felt wool sheets

  • vilnas filcs
  • krasains-vilnas-filcs
  • iepakotas-filca loksnes

100% wool felt for handicrafts, blankets. VMade by wet felting. Thickness ~0,8cm.

Available in cut size 20 x 30 cm, or 130 x 90 cm big sheets. Price for the whole sheet 17 EUR.

Dyed wool

Wool for felting available in 16 brilliant colours (more colours to come soon). Perfect for wet and needle felting, or other art projects.

Price 17 EUR/kg


Wool in natural colors

  • dabigi-balta-vilna

Natural colour wool for felting. Available in white, grey, black and brown colours. The one made of lamb wool is especially white. These colours are available on demand, since in Latvia there are not so many sheep with black, brown, grey wool.

Natural white one is always available in large amounts.

Price: 15 EUR/kg

100% wool yarn, medium thick

  • Vilnas dzija videja 8-3, 250m

100% wool yarn, thick

  • Vilnas dzija bieza 2-5-2, 130m

100% wool yarn, thin

  • Vilnas dzija plana 8-2, 350 m